Mini Instant Glow and Go

Face, neck and décolleté will be revived and nourished after a cleanse, peel, mask, tone and moisturise.

Time: 30 Mins (Approx)                   



Ultimate Deep Cleanse

A truly personalised treatment. This facial will restore and relax tired skin, with special emphasis on deep pore cleansing. Delicate eye area also treated. Balancing natural aromas leave your skin invigorated and your complexion radiant.

Time: 1 hr (Approx)              


Tea Tree Intense

Therapeutic Facials for all skin types. The anti-bacterial properties will penetrate deep down leaving skin hygienically clean.

Time: 45 Mins (Approx)                 



Tea Tree Teenage

Cleanse blocked pores, removes dirt and excess oil and kills spot causing bacteria.

Time: 30 Mins (Approx)                  





Teenage Tea Tree Facials for Problem Skin
Teenage Tea Tree Facials for Problem Skin

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